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Friday, September 29, 2023
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3 yogasana for healthy skin.- These 3 yogasanas can give glow and tightness to your skin.

When it comes to the center of attraction, the point of beauty is at the top. To affect it, there are factors like pollution, smoking, not consuming healthy foods, lifestyle is not right, which are given full credit for spoiling the skin. Due to excessive busyness of work, many times the attention of people does not go to the skin, mostly it is also ignored due to high burden.
Ignoring causes dullness, dryness, pimples in the face. Due to which the body starts looking old before age. To avoid this, start taking care of your skin from today itself. Yogacharya Kanchan Gupta is giving tips to improve skin with health shots for attractive skin.

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This is what the expert has to say

Yogacharya Kanchan Gupta of Kanpur is giving yoga tips to keep health better. Kanchan says that by doing yoga daily, the body gets many benefits. By doing yoga for 30 to 40 minutes everyday, the skin glows. Whatever dirt is there, it comes out through sweat. With this, stress also reduces. Confidence increases, mental health also remains correct. Sleep is also good at night after tiredness throughout the day. If you are trying to make the skin healthy, then you can do Uttanasana, Pashimottasana and Trikonasana everyday at home.

By practicing yoga daily, physical problems remain far away. Images – Adobe Stock

Know here 3 asanas for healthy skin and their benefits

1 Uttanasana

Uttanasana can prove beneficial for those who are doing yoga to make the skin healthy. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the immunity.

Do Uttanasana like this

step 1- stand up straight
Step 2- now slowly lean forward
Step 3- Now keep your palms on the ground and try to touch the toes
Step 4- now your eyes are looking at your toes
Step 5- Stay like this for 10 to 15 minutes and do three sets of five minutes intervals.

2 Pashimottasana

By doing this asana, it helps in keeping the skin healthy and reduces obesity. Also, it helps to calm the shoulders, spine and mind.

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Do Paschimottanasana like this

step 1- sit on the ground with your legs outstretched
Step 2- toes forward and together
Step 3- Take a deep breath, raise the arm up, and try to tilt the body forward as much as possible
Step 4- now exhale
Step 5- In the last step, try to touch the soles of both the feet and the knees with the nose.

vrikshasana benefits
Yoga makes the skin healthy. Image: AdobeStock

3 Trikonasana

If you are struggling with the problem of anxiety, stress, acidity etc. then trikonasana can help you in getting relief. By doing this asana, along with the skin, health also gets other benefits.

Do asana trikonasana like this

step 1Stand with a distance of 2 feet in both the feet
Step 2- turn the right leg to the right
Step 3- Now spread both the arms parallel to the shoulders
Step 4- Take a deep and long breath and bend to the right, and try to touch the right foot
Step 5- Now bend the other side and touch the left foot, repeat this thrice

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