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Friday, September 29, 2023
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5 disadvantages of eating sago porridge

Disadvantages of Sabudana in Hindi: Often we use sago as a fruit dish during fasting days. Not only this, we also mix potatoes in it and eat it after preparing its dishes, but let us tell you that both these things work to make constipation and spoil digestion.

Good quality sago should always be bought for khichdi. You need to know here how sago eaten as a fruit can prove to be harmful for your health.

Let us know in this article what are the disadvantages of eating sago khichdi for your health-

1. Excessive consumption of sago damages the brain and heart, it can also cause difficulty in breathing.

2. Consuming sago khichdi in excess can also lead to many health problems like vomiting, blood disorders, headache, chest pain and thyroid.

3. Let us tell you that there is a high amount of carbohydrates in sago and excessive consumption of carbohydrates works to increase the sugar level in the body. Therefore, if you are suffering from diabetes, then you should eat sago in less quantity. You are advised not to include it in your diet routine. Or be sure to consult your family doctor before consuming more of it.

4. Due to the good amount of calories in sago, it can also make you a victim of weight gain and obesity, due to which many other diseases like heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure problems, stones, cancer are also invited. Are.

5. Kidney stone / kidney stone patients are prohibited to eat many things. If you also have a problem with stone disease, then do not consume sago khichdi. This can increase your kidney stone problem more. – RK.

Disclaimer: Videos, articles and news published / broadcast in the web world on the topics of medicine, health tips, yoga, religion, astrology etc. are for your information only. Before any experiment related to these, do take expert’s advice.

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