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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Another Chinese Influencer Dies After Binge-Drinking Alcohol In Viral Challenge

Viral News: Another influencer has died due to excessive drinking during online video streaming in China. This is the second such incident within a month. Regarding the incident, the wife of the social media star has confirmed that he has died.

The deceased has been identified as Brother Huang, who was very popular on social media. According to Li, 27-year-old Brother Huang’s wife, he overdosed on Tuesday night, after which his health deteriorated and he died before being taken to the hospital. According to the report of the New York Post, during the live-streaming, there was a lot of drinking in the affair of the challenge.

Second incident within a month

Earlier recently, another social media influencer had died in a similar manner. He also drank 7 bottles of liquor during the live stream. After which he had died. According to the report, Brother Huang wanted to earn money through social media, for this he wanted to impress people during live streaming but this time he became a victim of accident. According to the victim’s wife Lee, he had consumed alcohol even before coming on the live camera.

The trend of drinking live alcohol is going on in China

In China, people are betting on each other drinking alcohol on social media. In such a situation, he is becoming a victim of the accident. The trend of drinking alcohol during live streaming is in full swing. Brother Huang lost his life just after becoming a part of this trend. Some pictures of the Chinese Influencer are going viral, in which it is seen that he is holding a bottle of liquor on the camera. He has also made his own video while drinking alcohol. According to Chinese media, Wang has 176,000 followers.

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