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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Bhai Will Get IPhone 14 From Dubai, Scammers Robbed Him Of Rs 7 Lakh On Instagram

Along with the increase in online fraud in India, new methods are being invented every day. Recently, a new case of frauds with virtual numbers with +92 country code has come to the fore. These numbers are associated with Pakistan. Recently, fraudsters have started cheating people using lines like ‘Bhai dubai se call karega’ to lure them into their trap. According to the Times of India news, in this fraudsters promise to give attractive prizes like new iPhone 14 and it will be available from Dubai, it is also told in this. Little do most victims know that accepting the tempting proposal will have serious consequences.

Got a message on Instagram account

According to reports, Virag Doshi, a 24-year-old businessman from Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad district, has recently come under the target of this virtual number scam. On April 18, Doshi received a message on his Instagram account. It was written in it- Congratulations! You have won free iPhone 14 from elder brother and younger brother. Just pay a small fee of Rs.3,000. Use UPI to make payment on the given number. iPhone 14 Jo Doshi got excited with the possibility of getting a phone worth more than Rs 70,000 for free and made a token money payment of Rs 3,000 as instructed through UPI on the given number.

empty bank accounts

The next day, Doshi received a call from a phone number showing the +92 country code. The caller, introducing himself as ‘elder brother’ from Dubai, assured Doshi that his iPhone 14 and a watch were packed and ready for delivery at the Surat airport. On this Doshi was waiting for his prized possession. The next day, Sanjay Sharma called up Doshi, claiming to be in charge of delivering the parcel. Sharma demanded an additional Rs 8,000 for the delivery. Trusting the fraudster, Doshi paid the amount. But he got very disappointed as he never got the iPhone or the watch. Later it came to light that he had become the victim of a conspiracy and was duped. When Doshi checked his bank account, he found that between April 18 and May 7, Rs 6.76 lakh was debited. Actually, his bank accounts were emptied by online fraudsters.

unknowingly paying money to scammers

Inspector PN Zinzuwadia of the Dhandhuka police revealed that Doshi had unknowingly paid the money to the scamsters, unaware of the huge amount he was transferring. There was no actual involvement of any Pakistani person in this as the fraudsters only used virtual numbers to carry out their fraudulent activities. Awareness and vigilance is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of such online fraud.

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