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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Can brain tumor be caused by using more mobile?

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‘Staying on the phone all day’ Does your mother also taunt you everyday like this? Actually blue light is present in the phone which affects our eyes. Due to excessive phone use, many people start having migraine or headache. At the same time, many people also think that due to excessive phone use, they may not get serious problems like brain tumor.

In fact, the cases of brain tumor have increased manifold in India. According to the Indian Association of Cancer Registries, 28,000 brain tumor cases are registered every year in India. Brain tumor is a serious disease that can also cause cancer problems in our brain. World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated every year on 8 June to spread awareness about this disease. But the question is, can we have brain tumor problem due to excessive mobile use? Let’s know the complete details…………

Does excessive phone use cause brain tumour?

Actually in one study radio frequency was used on animals. In this experiment, it was found that the radio frequency wave is not so strong and neither does your DNA break which causes cancer. According to other studies, it has also been found that radio frequency waves affect your brain cells to some extent. For this reason, brain tumor can be formed in your brain. But no concrete evidence has come to the fore. That’s why it would be wrong to say that brain tumor is formed due to phone.

world brain tumor day 2023

Let’s know about the myth related to brain tumor
1. All tumors are the cause of cancer: Most brain tumors are noncancerous. Only 33% of brain tumor cases can be cancerous.

2. Brain tumor does not occur in youth: Let us tell you that brain tumor can happen at any age. In some cases, brain tumors have also been found in newborns.

3. Brain tumor is genetic: In fact, there is no evidence that brain tumor disease is genetic or caused by a family member.

4. All brain tumor patients have the same symptoms: It is absolutely wrong to think that all patients will have common symptoms of brain tumour. Symptoms also differ according to your body.

5. Headache and blurred vision is the cause of brain tumor: Actually there can be many reasons for headache. Also, due to general illness or weakness of the eyes, you can also see blurred. It is not appropriate to guess brain tumor without investigation.

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