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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Can’t sleep? Use sound therapy, you will get deep sleep in minutes

sound therapy for insomnia

In today’s time, most of the people are troubled by the problem of sleep. Many people do not get sleep even after making a million efforts. Along with this, the problem of stress and anxiety has also increased a lot in today’s time. Sleep is greatly affected due to increasing stress. If you are also troubled by this problem, then you should use sound therapy. With the help of sound therapy, you will fall asleep in a few minutes. Let’s know what is sound therapy…

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is a type of music session. In this therapy, very peaceful sounds are narrated to you. This sound can be of anything. In a sound therapy session, the therapist narrates sounds with the help of a special utensil or instrument. After listening to this sound, you fall asleep easily and your mind becomes relaxed. You can also use sound therapy at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in the market.

How to do sound therapy at home

To do sound therapy, you need to follow some steps. Let us know about these important steps…

1. First of all wash your hands and face and lie down comfortably on your bed.

2. You have to lie down like Shabasan of yoga.

3. After this, close your ears with both your hands.

4. Then create a sound by saying HUANG…HUANGGG…

5. In no time your mind will be calm with this vibration.

6. After this you can sleep well.

sound therapy for insomnia

What are the benefits of sound therapy

1. Relief from stress and anxiety: Calm your mind with the help of sound therapy. Along with this, you also get relief from stress and anxiety. With the help of sound therapy, a pause is created in your mind in which you cannot think about anything. That’s why your mind doesn’t even do over thinking.

2. Good Sleep: Sound therapy is also very beneficial for good sleep. If you have sleep problems or are unable to sleep due to stress, then you must do this therapy.

3. Body is relaxed: After sound therapy, your brain releases happy hormones that relax your body. Along with this, your muscles also get relief.

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