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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Clothes smell bad in the rainy season, follow these tips

rainy season cloths care tips: No matter how much we try, it becomes very difficult for the clothes to get strong sunlight during the rainy season, due to which the moisture remains in the clothes and bacteria and fungus start growing in them, which cause bad smell in the damp clothes. Therefore, some special remedies can be tried to get rid of the smell of clothes or this foul smell.

Come, let us know 10 special tips that you can try and get rid of this problem by getting rid of the smell of clothes-

1. Drying clothes under the fan is also a great option in rainy days. Even by doing this, the clothes will not smell.

2. If you use lemon juice while washing clothes in the rainy season, then where your clothes will not stink, the same clothes will also remain fresh.

3. You should always keep some naphthalene i.e. camphor tablets in your cupboard. This is a good way to protect clothes from odor and insects.

4. After washing the clothes, you can rinse them once in camphor water, after that dry them completely and store them. This will give relief from the odor of clothes.

5. While washing clothes, put a little baking soda in the water, this will also remove the smell coming from the clothes.

6. By folding the clothes in wax paper or plastic paper and keeping them in the cupboard, they will not come in direct contact with the cupboard and will avoid spoilage.

7. If you have brought stitched new clothes from the market, do not keep them in the cupboard immediately. You can let them air out until they are completely free of moisture.

8. After washing clothes, choose such a place to dry them, where there is plenty of air. This will not stink the clothes.

9. While keeping the clothes in the cupboard, they can also be wrapped in newspaper, it is good for absorbing moisture.

10. During the rainy season, the clothes do not get enough sunlight and for fear of rains starting again, many a times we take off the half-dry clothes and put them on, so don’t do this at all, because after some time they start smelling.

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