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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Davis Cup matches will now be held in Vijayant Khand in Lucknow, hosting slipped from Ikana’s hand, know why it is a special event

Lucknow: Capital Lucknow is going to get a big opportunity to host Davis Cup after 23 years. Now this competition will be organized on 16 and 17 September in the court located in Vijayant Khand in the capital. Earlier this competition was to be held on the tennis court of Ekana Sports City. In this, there will be a World Cup Group-2 tie between India and Morocco.

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the sports lovers regarding the organization of Davis Cup in Lucknow. Regarding the event, the Indian Tennis Association team has now stamped the Vijayant Khand Stadium after inspection. It is being said that the team did not find the tennis court of Ekana Sports City suitable for a prestigious match like Davis Cup. It was found to be small by standards. The team has also given suggestions to the Ekana management, so that big events can be organized here in future.

Additional Chief Secretary and President of UP Tennis Association Navneet Sehgal said that the Davis Cup matches to be held on December 16 and 17 will be held at Vijayant Khand Stadium. The Indian Tennis Association has given its approval regarding this. He said that before these matches, the Indian team will camp in Lucknow for seven days.

Prior to this, Davis Cup matches were held in Lucknow in the year 2000. The Indian Tennis Association team has described the four courts built in Vijayant Khand as better for Davis Cup matches. The team has given some important suggestions, including rooms for umpires and players, along with a seating arrangement for about two and a half thousand spectators in the stadium premises.

Chairs will be placed on both sides of the tennis court for the spectators to sit. The flashlight of the court will also be updated. All the works will be completed in the next one to one and a half months.

The last Davis Cup match was held in Lucknow in 2000.

Earlier in the year 2000, the Davis Cup match between India and Lebanon was played at Awadh Gymkhana in Lucknow. In that the Indian team had won 3-2. At the same time, after 23 years, once again the preparations for the prestigious Davis Cup match have intensified.

ITF Men’s Future Tennis has been a successful event

Earlier, from March 17 to 26, ITF Men’s Future Tennis with US $ 25000 was successfully organized here. This time five matches will be played between India and Morocco. Earlier on September 15, the draw would be held in the presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The competition is called the World Cup of Tennis.

The Davis Cup is an international men’s tennis tournament played by teams. Davis Cup is played every year in knock out mode. It is also called the ‘World Cup of Tennis’. Great Britain remains the host nation for the competition for 2023. This year’s event is being held at the AO Arena in Manchester.



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