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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Death by eating 150 momos, can overeating really kill?

overeating side effects

According to a recent news, a young man from Bihar has died after eating too many momos. According to the news, this young man had made a bet with his friends to eat 150 momos. After eating momos, the health of the young man deteriorated and he was admitted to the hospital. The young man died during treatment. The doctor told the cause of death to overeating. The question is, can a person die by eating too much? Let’s know about the complete information..

Did the death happen after eating momos?

According to the doctor, eating momos or any other thing in excess can worsen your health. In this case, the young man had eaten 150 momos, which is much more than the labor of a human being. Eating too much creates pressure in the stomach and lungs, which can worsen the health. Eating too much causes difficulty in breathing because oxygen stops completely in the body.

What are the disadvantages of overeating?

1. Risk of Diabetes: Eating too much increases the risk of diabetes. Due to overeating, the amount of sugar and glucose in the body increases to a great extent, which your body is not able to digest. Due to overeating, insulin starts decreasing in your body, which increases the risk of diabetes.

overeating side effects

2. Harmful for the heart: Eating too much is bad for your heart. Eating too much affects your lungs due to which you cannot breathe properly. Also, due to overeating, your oxygen level also decreases, which increases the chances of heart attack and stroke.

3. Problem in sleeping: You may have trouble sleeping due to overeating. Due to overeating, there is a problem of acidity, gas, heaviness and restlessness in the stomach. Due to these problems, you do not sleep properly. Also, due to non-digestion of food, you may have the problem of vomiting or bloating.

4. Harmful for the brain too: Eating too much is bad for your brain too. You may also be at risk of brain stroke due to pressure on the stomach and lungs. Also, due to overeating, your brain functions do not work in a better way. That’s why you feel lethargic due to overeating.

5. Risk of Obesity: Fat increases quickly in your body due to overeating. Due to non-digestion of food, your body fat starts increasing. Also, due to obesity, you may have to face many serious diseases.

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