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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Do everyone in your family also bathe with the same soap, be careful

sharing soap side effects

Is your bunty also slow while using soap? The morning of a middle class house is no less than a drama. The morning routine of the middle class is like an Ekta Kapoor TV serial. Also, the most drama in the morning is for the bathroom. All bathroom products are public in our house. Sometimes your grandfather also applies your face wash to your hair like shampoo. The most common of all these products is soap. Every member of the family bathes for 15 days with the same soap. If the family is small, then this soap lasts even for 20 days. But do you know that sharing soap is harmful for your skin. Let us know what the expert report says.

What does the report say?

According to a study in 1965, sharing soap is harmful to your skin. Sharing soap increases the risk of bacteria and infection. Along with this, sharing of soap can also cause problems of many skin diseases. If you give your soap to someone else, then your bacteria and germs get shared with that person. According to the study, there are about 5 million bacteria in a person’s hand.

sharing soap side effects

America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also advises not to share soap. According to the CDC, you should use dry soap. Wet soap contains many more bacteria which can be easily transmitted. That’s why you should use dry soap only. Although bacteria are also present in dry soap, the chances of transmitting bacteria are reduced.

Which is better liquid soap or soap bar?

Most people get confused between liquid soap and soap bar. Actually liquid soap is a better option for you as it has very less chance of transmitting bacteria and it is also hygienic. However, you should clean the container of liquid soap regularly. Also clean the pump of the container to reduce the risk of bacteria. On the other hand, if you use dry soap bars, then they are also safe for you. Also, you must wash the soap with water before using it.

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