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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Do not eat these 5 things in the rainy season, otherwise you may fall ill

rainy season food tips

1 Street Food

2 fried foods

3c Food, Meat

4 leafy vegetables

5 mushrooms

Everyone should eat sattvic food during the rainy season, because in this season the digestion process of our body becomes weak, and that is why the food does not get digested quickly. By the way, everyone likes hot junk food in the rainy season. But at this time, due to the weakness of the digestive process, eating in excess or overeating can harm the health and we can fall ill. Along with this, other types of stomach related problems also start happening these days.

So let’s know which things should not be eaten even by mistake in the rainy season. Know about 5 foods-

1. Fried food / oily food- Everyone likes hot bhajiyas, kachoris, samosas, pakoras in the rainy season, but these days the digestive power becomes weak, so during this period fried foods should be completely ignored, because after eating it You can’t even digest it by walking around because of the rain.

2. Sea Food- Sea food should be consumed at least during the rainy season, because it is sea food or a type of sea food and this is also the time for breeding of fishes, so eating sea food in such a way is not recommended. The risk of food poisoning increases more. Not only this, the water also gets contaminated to a great extent in this season, so only simple food is appropriate these days.

3. Leafy green vegetables- In this season, everyone should avoid the consumption of green leafy vegetables, because the risk of bacterial and fungal infection is high in the rainy season and due to rapid growth of small insects in green leafy vegetables, diseases like diarrhea, loose motion, vomiting can occur. We should not ignore the danger. Therefore, avoiding the consumption of cabbage, spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, mushrooms etc. during this season can be beneficial.

4. Broccoli / Mushroom- Broccoli and mushrooms should not be consumed in the rainy season even by mistake, because the risk of stomach infection is high in the rainy season. Also, mushrooms grow in different ways and there is no guarantee of cleanliness at the place where they grow, so avoid eating them.

5. Salad- Eating raw salad should be avoided during rainy days, or it is advisable to consume it in minimum quantity, because these days, due to the presence of minute insects, animals in large quantities in vegetables, they go into your stomach. Chances are high that you may have stomach problems. Therefore, instead of taking raw salad in the rainy season, if you boil vegetables and eat them, then it will be beneficial.

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