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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Fast Charging Smartphones Account For 80 Percent Of Global Sales

A new trend has emerged in the sale of smartphones. Customers have started giving more attention to fast charging smartphones all over the world. This can be gauged from the fact that in the first quarter (Q2) of 2023, fast charging smartphones account for 80 percent of total smartphone sales worldwide. Here fast charging smartphones are considered those handsets which have more than 10W charging capacity. According to the news of IANS, the percentage of sales was recorded at 74 percent in the first quarter of 2022 and 29 percent in the first quarter of 2018.

increased use of smartphones

According to the news, according to Counterpoint Research, the increasing acceptance of fast charging-enabled smartphones is attributed to the increasing use of smartphones and continuous advancement in hardware. The report also states that Chinese smartphone brands are leading the trend by introducing high-wattage charging at different price points.

Smartphones with fast charging capability up to 300W

Smartphone makers have increased their focus on fast charging handsets. Companies have showcased handsets with charging up to 200W and 300W. Realme and Xiaomi are making fast charging handsets in Chinese brands. Recently OPPO has showcased smartphones with impressive 300W fast charging capability. Senior analyst Karn Chauhan said that the charging speed is very fast, so that users can charge their phones in a few minutes.

Emphasis on making fast-charging technology cheaper

According to the news, fast charging smartphones with more than 30W power can charge a completely damaged phone in about an hour. The report states that charging a smartphone in an hour can be a strong selling point for smartphone manufacturing. Smartphone brands are focusing on making fast-charging technology affordable.

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