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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Health Tips: These are 3 home remedies to detox the body, try them

Body detox drinks gharelu nuskhe: Detoxing the body means making the body healthy and toxin-free by removing the accumulated dirt, toxic, waste etc. substances inside the body. Many methods are tried to detox the body, but we are telling an easy home remedy. You should also try it with the advice of a doctor. It is possible that your body will also get detoxed.

Follow these rules before detoxing the body: –

  1. We eat 2 types of food items – first obtained directly from nature and second man-made.

  2. It takes 3 hours to digest fruits obtained from nature and 6 hours to digest vegetables.

  3. Bread, sandwich, cheese, burger, chips, papad, etc. made from man-made cereals, pulses, gram, rice, milk, flour, soyabean etc. It takes 18 hours to digest all these substances.

  4. Choose your own food. If you want to eat digestible food after 18 hours, then you have to fast for 18 hours out of 24, only then the body detox will happen.

These substances have to be left before taking out the dirt: – Tea, coffee, milk, cold drinks, maida, gram flour, brinjal, samosas, kachori, poha, pizza, burger etc. rust and fast food.

First home recipe: Start eating more and more fiber rich food. Eat things made of maize, banana, millet, fiber food, linseed, pomegranate, fig, apple, papaya, avocado, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, raisins etc.

Second home recipe: Start drinking grapefruit or lemon juice. Drink a glass of lukewarm water every morning by adding lemon to it. Sometimes tamarind can also be drunk. By doing this, the toxins of the body come out.

Third home recipe: Leaving one day, keep sucking a hair myrtle i.e. small myrtle. You can also drink deer water. Regular consumption of myrabalan helps in reducing weight. Apart from being helpful in digestion, it gives relief from gas, acidity and other problems and gradually reduces obesity. The pulp of myrabalan is also effective in relieving constipation. Eat this pulp with a pinch of salt or consume it with 1/2 gram clove or cinnamon.

Exercise along with the above home remedies and also get enough sleep.



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