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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Imran Khan Says In Pakistan I Broke The World Record Not In Cricket

Imran Khan Record: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s day was filled with relief on Thursday (June 08), he got relief in a case from the Islamabad High Court. According to Dawn’s report, the court on Thursday granted protective bail to the PTI chief in the case registered for the murder of a senior lawyer.

Amidst all this, Imran Khan mentioned a unique record made by him through Twitter. The former Prime Minister tweeted and wrote that I have made a record in my name, which is not in cricket. I have broken the world record by appearing in 20 cases, which is a new record. This includes cases ranging from murder to terrorism and treason.

I respect the law: Imran Khan

He said in his tweet that while I was imprisoned in NAB Jail, 9 more criminal cases were registered against me, which is surprising. He further said that while always respecting the law, I try to ensure that I do not miss a single court hearing of the 150 cases for which I have been accused.

PTI is afraid of losing the election

He further said that this level of harassment shows that this government does not want to leave any stone unturned to defame me. They fear that they will lose the election to PTI. He openly accused the Shahbaz government of misusing the law. He further said that such violation of fundamental rights of citizens is unimaginable in a democratic society.

Significantly, on Thursday, Imran Khan appeared in the Islamabad High Court in more than a dozen cases. Of these, six were related to the May 9 violence and one each related to attempted murder and leveling charges against top officials of state institutions.

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