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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Indonesia Latest Cyber ​​Crime Threatening Girl With Illegal Photo Video Later Boy Jail For 6 Years

Indonesia Cyber ​​Crime: Recently, a case of revenge porn has come to the fore in the Asian country Indonesia. In this case, while hearing the court, an accused has been sentenced to 6 years. However, the victim’s family members are not happy with the court’s decision. They say that the punishment of the accused.. is not enough according to the crime committed. Sharing someone’s personal image or video on social media without consent is called revenge porn.

According to the BBC report, the name of the accused is Alvi Hussain Mulla. Apart from the jail sentence, the court has banned Alvi Hussain from using the Internet. The victim’s brother has expressed displeasure over this decision. He said that whatever has happened to our family has had a deep impact on the victim.

Commissioner of Police welcomed the decision
Giving information to the BBC, the victim’s brother said that he would again present a new report to the police and file a case of sexual violence against the accused. Let us tell you that the accused youth had posted the personal image of his sister on social media.

On the other hand, Police Commissioner Amina Tardy has welcomed the decision of the court and termed it as a historic decision. He said that never before has an accused been stopped from using the Internet.

Rape video threatened to go viral
The victim’s brother Iman mentioned the incident with his sister with the help of a tweet. He told that for the last three years his sister was receiving threats to make the rape video viral. Because of this his sister was going through mental agony. Meanwhile, last year on December 14, 2022, a message came from an unknown Insta account, in which the brother saw that there was a video related to his sister.

In the video, the sister was in a state of unconsciousness. After this the sister told the whole thing to the brother. On watching the video, it was found that his sister was misbehaved. He was forcibly dragged, beaten and even pushed down the stairs.

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