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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Is it right or wrong to keep ginger and garlic in the fridge?

Health Care Tips: With the changing times, refrigerator has become the need of every household. Whenever there is some food or drink left over, we put it inside. Sometimes those foods are not bad but definitely become harmful for us.

Let us know in this article whether it is not right to keep ginger and garlic in the fridge. Let’s know here-

Ginger : Adrak In Fridge

1. Let us tell you that if you want to store ginger for a long time, then it can be kept in the fridge.

2. Many times we leave ginger uncovered in the fridge in haste, due to which it dries up. In this case, keep it in an air tight container or plastic bag. It will remain fresh for a long time.

3. Before keeping ginger in the refrigerator, wash it thoroughly and then after drying, fill it in a box and keep it in the refrigerator, it will remain fresh for a long time.

4. Whenever you want to use ginger, peel it and grate it immediately and use it.

5. If the open ginger kept in your refrigerator has dried up, then make its powder and store it dry, then you can use it anytime.

6. Many times we do not pay attention and forget to keep ginger along with other vegetables in the same refrigerator, so ginger spoils quickly due to moisture coming in contact with other vegetables. Therefore, always keep ginger in a separate place in the fridge after washing it properly and wiping it.

Garlic : Garlic In Fridge

1. Garlic is never kept in the fridge. The biggest reason for this is that it becomes rubbery when kept in the fridge.

2. Garlic can get moldy if kept in the fridge.

3. Let us tell you that an element called alsin is found in garlic, due to which garlic has a special smell and it is pungent in taste.

4. Apart from this, keeping it in the fridge along with other vegetables, its smell can come in the rest of the vegetables, due to which their taste can get spoiled.

5. Keeping garlic in the fridge will spread its smell to the fruits and they will not be edible.

6. Apart from this, the milk kept in the refrigerator will also get spoiled due to garlic and due to spread of pungent smell of garlic in the milk, that milk will not be usable.

7. Milk kept in the refrigerator with garlic will not be drinkable even for small children.

8. Garlic kept in the fridge can sprout quickly. Therefore, it would be appropriate to keep garlic in a netted plastic bowl or in an open place, because by keeping it like this it will last longer and will not spoil quickly.

9. So you can store ginger in the fridge, but not garlic. Be sure to keep this in mind.

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