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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Odisha Train Accident Nepal Couple Gets Son Back Three Days After Balasore Train Accident

Coromandel Train Accident: Many people lost their loved ones in the horrific train accident in Balasore district of Odisha. Many people are still missing, whose families are still searching for them. There are also some lucky people whose relatives have won the battle of life and death. A similar case was seen in the SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack.

According to Kalinga TV, a 15-year-old boy from Nepal, who was the victim of the Balasore train accident, has finally been reunited with his parents after the gruesome train accident. The minor boy has been identified as Ramanand Paswan. He was injured in the train accident after which he was admitted to the trauma ICU of SCB MCH.

Came to India with relatives

According to information, 15-year-old Ramanand Paswani came to India from Nepal along with his three relatives. All were aboard the Coromandel Express from Shalimar. His parents living in Nepal did not get any news about Ramanand who came to India after the train accident in Balasore. He did not even know whether his son was dead or alive. That’s why he came from Nepal to Odisha in search of his son. After visiting several hospitals, he reached Cuttack SCB Hospital, where he found his missing son Ramanand three days after the accident.

Parents were broken by the news of the accident

After several attempts by Odisha’s helpdesk ecosystem, the boy’s family was finally reunited with him. The scene of the boy meeting his family at the SCB hospital left everyone emotional. The boy’s parents were completely broken after hearing the news of the train accident. Ramanand, who was undergoing treatment, recognized his parents after seeing them on the TV screen. He immediately informed the hospital administration about his parents being in India and they were reunited.

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