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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Pakistan PTI Chief Imran Khan Claims Govt Agenda How To Be Disqualified And Put In Jail

Pakistan Imran Khan: At present there is political turmoil in Pakistan. A tug-of-war is going on between the current coalition government and the leader of the opposition party, Imran Khan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif’s party has also got Imran Khan arrested, against which protests were also held in the whole country. Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan accused the government that his only agenda is how to disqualify Imran Khan and put him in jail.

Imran Khan said through a video message that the situation in Pakistan today, we have to decide whether we have to live like beggars. We want Pakistan to become a self-sufficient nation by following the path of Allah. I was pressured not to tell people about the cipher because the Americans would be offended, but I did.

Allegations against General Bajwa
The PTI chief said that as a Pakistani, I am ashamed that a small officer (Faisal Naseer) dared to threaten the ambassador to remove the prime minister of a country. However, it is not his fault in this. Shame on the man (General Bajwa) whose responsibility is to protect the dignity of the country.

He said that the present government has been looking for an opportunity to somehow disqualify Imran Khan for the last 14 months because they are afraid that if Imran Khan wins the election, he will lose.

Imran Khan spoke on the cipher issue
Talking on the cipher issue, Imran Khan said that the Azam Khan I know is a very competent and honest person, I cannot believe it until I hear him myself.

Recently, Azam Khan, who is considered very close to Imran Khan, suddenly appeared after being missing for the last several months. He recorded a statement before the magistrate that PTI chief used him for political gains. Told them to use the communication.

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