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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Pilot’s Health Suddenly Worsened In The Plane In America Passenger Flew The Plane

Plane Accident In America: While flying a plane in America, the health of the pilot suddenly deteriorated. After which a passenger sitting in the plane flew the plane. According to the report of The Washington Post, on Saturday, the health of a small plane pilot suddenly worsened. The pilot was not in a condition to fly the aircraft, after which a passenger on board started flying the aircraft.

Although the plane crashed on an island in Massachusetts, USA. But the good thing happened that the lives of all the people aboard the plane were saved. Later, the pilot and another person aboard the plane were admitted to Boston Hospital.

The incident happened near Martha’s Vineyard Airport in Tisbury.
The incident occurred near Martha’s Vineyard Airport in West Tisbury, Massachusetts on Saturday, July 15 in the afternoon. According to the information given to The Post by the state police, during the accident, the aircraft made a difficult landing outside the runway, due to which the left wing of the aircraft was broken in half. However, till now the officials have not disclosed the name of the pilot and any person aboard the aircraft. Officials said that both have been taken to the hospital.

After the crash landing of the plane, the person flying the plane and the pilot were admitted to the hospital. The condition of the pilot is said to be very bad. Apart from the pilot and the person flying the plane, there was also a female passenger in the plane who did not suffer much injury. The woman’s checkup was done at the local hospital and later she was sent home.

Both the pilot and the passenger flying the plane are said to be residents of Connecticut in the US.
Accident investigation continues
Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the accident. The aircraft was moved to a safe place at the airport and the crash site has also been cleaned.



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