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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Reels Addiction Is Dangerous For Your Mental And Eye Health

Reels Addiction: Watching movies on TV, watching serials and listening to songs on radio… all these things have become a thing of the past. Brother, now the world has become of reels. Children, old, elderly and young everyone is currently busy watching reels. Not just busy watching the reels, but completely busy… While sleeping-waking up, eating-drinking, traveling, there is a hangover of reels all the time. Your hours pass by scrolling through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and you feel that it is only a matter of time, let’s see for a while. Sometimes the time slips out of hand, but the reels are so infatuated that they do not take the name of unloading. Don’t know how many youths have become victims of reels addiction. It has started emerging as a kind of disease now. Let us tell you what these reels are after all and how it is harming you physically and mentally.

What are reels?

Reels are a type of short video on Instagram. Initially these reels used to be of 30 seconds but now it has been increased to 90 seconds. The trend of these reels started when Tiktok was closed in India. As soon as it stopped, people started posting videos on Instagram. There are many types of videos in Reels like, Informational, Funny, Motivational, Dance, etc… There is no doubt that Reels are full of creativity which makes people Inspires to watch again and again. On Instagram, you will get to see reels from celebrities to common people.

Serious disadvantages of watching reels?

People are misusing their time by watching reels. Hours pass by, people don’t even realize it. In such a situation, their work is being harmed. At the same time, because of this, people are getting mentally ill. The problem of depression is being seen in people. Many times, seeing the reels, they start finding flaws in themselves. Start comparing yourself with the person in front. They start trying to be like the person in front. Apart from this, people also want to make reels themselves and when their reels do not go viral or do not get views, they start feeling angry and irritable and gradually this tension turns into depression. Due to this, lack of concentration leads to socially cut off Going to see the problem like mood swings.

If children are watching reels, then it harms their studies. Due to the addiction of reels, children are not able to focus on studies. The sleeping pattern gets disturbed due to watching reels late at night and there is trouble in going to school the next day. Stress starts due to lack of sleep. At the same time, due to spending more time on the screen, the eyes become weak, apart from this, due to reels, physical activity also decreases and people become obese.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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