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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Risks of sedentary lifestyle

To keep the body healthy, it is important to take care of fitness along with food. Due to work pressure and sitting jobs, people work continuously for hours without moving. This process is called sedentary lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle) That is, it is called a sedentary lifestyle. In today’s era, a large number of people are surrounded by this problem. Due to lack of exercise, many types of diseases are taking people in their grip. Know that due to which our body may have to face the risk of problems.

According to NCBI, one-third of the world’s population aged 15 years and above are not able to do physical activities according to their needs. While Koreans remain sedentary for 8.3 hours, the American population lives a sedentary lifestyle for 7.7 hours. Due to increase in office work and lack of space for exercise, the trend of sedentary lifestyle has started increasing. Apart from this, TV and other gadgets are making people sedentary. Due to this, many health problems have started increasing.

According to research, a person’s sedentary behavior works to reduce lipoprotein lipase activity, muscle glucose and protein transporter activities. While metabolism is impaired by lipids, the amount of carbohydrate reduces the metabolism.

Problems can occur due to sedentary lifestyle

1. Lack of flexibility in the body

If your life is completely sedentary, that is, you are not doing any physical activity, then it reduces the flexibility of the body. Blood flow is not regular. Due to this, there is a complaint of cramps, pain and swelling in the body parts. Sitting continuously for many hours takes a toll on the hip flexors and lower back. This makes the body weak.

Blood flow is not regular. Due to this, there is a complaint of cramps, pain and swelling in the body parts. Picture ; shutterstock

2. Risk of Osteoporosis

Due to long working hours, complaints of pain in the muscles of the body start. Actually, due to sitting, the weight of the body starts increasing and its effect starts falling on the knees and other joints. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then the risk of osteoporosis is always there.

3. Weight gain

These days people have started following many types of diets to reduce their weight. Their effect cannot be seen on your body until you reduce the sitting. Sitting in front of a screen for hours takes its toll on your muscles. Due to this, calories also start accumulating in the body. As a result, fat starts accumulating on the arms, thighs and belly.

Where do you go?
Know which habits become the reason for weight gain. Image: shutterstock

4. Decreased metabolism

Sedentary lifestyle means such a sedentary lifestyle in which our body does not do any activity. In such a situation, the calories stored in the body cannot be burnt. Due to this, the ability to burn fat in the body starts decreasing. It has an effect on metabolism, due to which its level starts decreasing.

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Make these measures a part of life to avoid sedentary lifestyle

After lunch break, go for a walk for a while.

After every 30 minutes, leave the desk for some time and get up.

Stand instead of sitting in public transport

Spend most of the time at home doing chores like cooking, gardening and cleaning.

Be sure to move around while talking on the phone. This gives you a chance to walk.

Prefer working at a standing desk.

Take a walk for some time after eating food. There is a risk of increasing obesity by sitting.

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