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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Russian President Vladimir Putin Lost His Grip On Army Solider Fire Its Own Unit

Russian Army Conflict: A phone call between two Russian soldiers in Ukraine was intercepted. After this, the Ukrainian military intelligence agency informed that both were discussing an incident related to another soldier shooting at his own comrades. Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) said according to the Kiev Post that the calls reveal the grave psychological state of Russian soldiers.

In the audio, a soldier told that a soldier of his brigade lost his temper and started firing at other members of the unit. It was not revealed whether the soldiers were killed or injured during the incident. However, according to reports the shooter was killed.

audio of russian soldiers viral
In the audio conversation of Russian soldiers, one soldier told another soldier that yesterday was a very fun evening. The boy from 12th Brigade had lost his temper. He started talking nonsense. was shooting at us. He was saying that he will kill us. After this our soldiers shot him. I had to take his dead body.

The disclosure of such audio comes after reports surfaced in which Russian soldiers were discussing the harsh conditions of the war in Ukraine and the losses it had caused them. Just last week, a video was posted on social media in which Russian soldiers were shown saying that they were punished by the commanding officer after refusing to fight.

Russian soldiers were locked in a pit room
An independent media called War Translated shared a part of the video on Twitter in which a soldier said, “We have been locked in this pit room for refusing to go to the zero line. We’ve been sitting here for two days.” Late last month, WarTranslated also shared a video of a Russian army unit saying they don’t want to die in a war zone.

Recently Russian General Ivan Popov has been removed from his post. He is heard saying in an audio that the Ukrainian army could not break our ranks from the front, but our senior chief killed us.

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