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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Sawan Somvar 2023 Complete List Of Monday Fast Lord Shiva 8 Mondays In Sawan

Sawan 2023: This year, the month of devotion to Shiva will last not for one but for two months. This time Sawan will be celebrated not in one but in two phases. This time Sawan will run for the first 13 days i.e. from July 4 to July 17. After this, from July 18 to August 16, there will be more month of Malmas. After this, Sawan will start again on 17th August. That is, the month of Sawan will be celebrated in two phases.

Full list of Sawan Mondays (Sawan Somvaar 2023 List)

  • First Monday of Sawan: 10 July
  • Second Monday of Sawan: 17 July
  • Third Monday of Sawan: 24 July
  • Fourth Monday of Sawan: 31 July
  • Fifth Monday of Sawan: 07 August
  • Sixth Monday of Sawan: 14 August
  • Seventh Monday of Sawan: 21 August
  • Eighth Monday of Sawan: 28 August

Dates of Major Festivals
Due to Shravan Adhimas, there will be a change in the dates of various festivals. fasted full moon Will remain on 1 August 2023. Sankashti Chaturthi 4 August 2023, Purushottam month Will end on 16th August. The full moon of the fast, the Upakarma of the Yajurvedis, Raksha Bandhan will be held on August 30, in the last days of the month of August. The upakarma of the Rig Vedas will take place on 29th August. The month will end on 31st August.

Rakshabandhan happens one month after Ashadh Purnima. after 2 months this year Raksha Bandhan 30 August Who will Sisters will wait for two months after Ashad Purnima to tie rakhi on the wrist of their brothers.

The month of Sawan will be full of devotion to Shiva
This time the month of Sawan will be of about two months. Means only four or five Mondays used to fall in every Sawan and devotees of Shiva used to worship Lord Bhole. But this time there will be eight Mondays in Sawan. That’s why this time the wind of devotion to Shiva will keep blowing for two months. During this Abhishek, Rudrabhishek, Jalabhishek, Abhishek of Ganges water will be done to Lord Shiva. Along with this, the devotees will also bring a kavand from the Ganga and offer Ganga water to Shivji.

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