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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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these 5 dinner mistakes ban sakti hain weight gain ka karan. These 5 dinner mistakes can become the reason for weight gain.

We make many such mistakes in our regular routine, which are quite normal to see, but in reality it can be very harmful for health. In the same way, during dinner, we make some such mistakes which can be harmful for health in many ways. It not only affects your gut health but it also affects your sleep.

At the same time, this mistake of yours can make you a victim of obesity. If you are troubled by increasing weight, or are not losing weight despite being on a weight loss diet, then see if the reason for this is your mistakes made during dinner.

Indian Yoga Guru, Director of Yoga Institute and well-known TV personality Dr. Hansaji Yogendra discusses some of the dinner mistakes. He has told how these mistakes made during dinner can lead to obesity.

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These 5 mistakes made in dinner increase your weight

1. Habit of late night dinner

By having dinner 1:30 to 2 hours before going to bed at night, the digestive system has enough time to digest the foods. Which can be helpful in reducing body fat. Our metabolism slows down as the night progresses, so the sooner you have dinner, the better it can be for your digestion and weight loss. Late night giving is a major reason for weight gain.

Avoid these foods at night. Image: shutterstock

2. Eating heavy food in dinner also increases obesity.

When it comes to dinner, then we should always eat as light food as possible in dinner. Having a light dinner has many health benefits. Especially it keeps the digestion process balanced and can help you in weight loss. If you are on a weight loss diet, then you should keep your dinner absolutely light, such as salads, soups, grilled vegetables, etc.

3. Not taking enough protein and fiber in dinner

Adequate amount of protein and fiber in the diet is essential for a successful weight loss journey. If you are ignoring these nutrients, it can directly affect your metabolism. The digestive process requires more energy to digest proteins, due to which the body burns more fat than digesting carbohydrates and fats.

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Both protein and fiber keep you satisfied for longer. Due to which you do not get overheating and you do not have night cravings. This mistake of yours made in dinner forces you to wake up at night and eat junk food.

Namak ki kami aur adhikta dono hi hanikarak ho sakti hain
Both deficiency and excess of sodium can be harmful. Image shutterstock.

4. Dishes with a lot of salt

Consuming excessive salt at night or late evening can lead to water retention. You need to control sodium intake, especially during dinner, so that you can avoid problems like water retention. So choose a dish that has a limited amount of sodium available.

5. Serving dessert after dinner

Often, after finishing dinner, we eat something sweet in the end, which is called dessert. This can be very harmful for your health. Also, if your dessert is sweet, especially if it contains sugar, then it adds extra calories to the body. Also, you are not satisfied with it and you may have night cravings. It increases the blood sugar level rapidly, so it is always advised to avoid eating sweets before sleeping at night.

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