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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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try some Yoga poses for kids overall health. Here are some benefits of yoga for kids.

In today’s busy routine, all of us are ignoring the health of ourselves as well as our children. Parental engagement is one of the biggest reasons for children’s increasing screen time. Because of which there is a negative impact on the mental health of children as well as their physical health.

Parents should motivate their children to participate in some essential yoga exercises to maintain their health. At the same time, before this, they themselves need to include yoga in their routine, only then the children will want to do yoga after seeing them.

We talked to MyGALF Preventive Health Consultant and Yoga Specialist Dr. Bhavna Dwyer about the importance of yoga on children’s mental, emotional and physical health, she has also suggested the names of some important asanas explaining the importance of yoga practice for children. So let’s know the right way to do these yoga exercises with them (Yoga poses for kids overall health).

Yoga makes children’s body flexible and agile

According to experts “It is important to introduce children to yoga, as it offers many benefits for their physical and mental well-being. First and foremost, yoga provides an excellent opportunity for children to keep their bodies active and flexible, counteracting the effects of prolonged sitting and screen time. It promotes flexibility, strength and balance, while yoga postures help to become aware of the whole body.”

They are helped to cope with academic pressures and everyday challenges. Image: AdobeStock

Yoga practice makes children mentally smart

Pranayama is also a powerful breathing tool to bring concentration and calmness to the mind. Additionally, it serves as an effective tool to manage stress and anxiety. Through the breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques included in yoga, children can learn to calm their mind, improve focus, and control their emotions. This has a positive effect on their mental well-being, helping them cope with academic pressures and everyday challenges.

Here are some other benefits of yoga for kids

Studies have shown that regular yoga practice in children can improve sleep patterns, enhance the immune system, and improve overall self-esteem. It helps build healthy digestive function, lowers the risk of chronic diseases and can enhance cognitive abilities like memory and concentration.

Experts Say “To make the experience even more rewarding, I encourage parents to engage in yoga practice with their children. Not only does this strengthen the parent-child bond, but it also sets a positive example and can encourage a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. By practicing yoga together, parents can also help their children maintain a regular routine and make yoga a regular part of their lives.”

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Children should be taught the habit of exercise from childhood.
Inculcate the habit of exercising in children from childhood. Image: shutterstock

Learn here some important yoga poses for children

Bhavna Dwyer says When it comes to specific yoga asanas or poses for kids, I recommend starting with simple asanas, which are both enjoyable and safe.

1. The Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

The Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) is a wonderful option, as it helps improve balance and focus.

Do this posture like this

First of all, stand straight and keep the heel of one foot on the other foot.

Now join both your palms together and raise your hands upwards.

Stretch the arm fully and try to make balance.
Now change the leg and in the same way try to balance by raising the hand.

Ask to repeat this 4 to 6 times.

2. Cat-Cow Pose

There is the cat-cow pose (Margariyasana-bitilasana), which stretches the bones of the spine and promotes a healthy body posture.

learn how to do it

Place the palms on the surface and come down on the knees just like animals.

Now bend upwards giving a curve to the spine like a cat and try to look at the stomach with the eyes by turning your head inwards.

Now you have to do the exact opposite, that is, like a cow, lower the back and spine and raise your head and neck and look straight in front.

Repeat this pose 4 to 5 times.

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3. Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose helps to calm the mind and relieve fatigue. It also increases the focus in children so that children can easily concentrate.

Learn the right way to do it here

Have to sit and join the soles of the feet together. During this, keep the spine straight and keep the abs tight.

Take hold of each leg with a hand. Now move both the legs up and down like the wings of a butterfly.

This has to be done continuously for 30 seconds, if the child gets tired quickly then gradually increase their time.

Children's physical exercises
Exercise regularly with your kids. Image: shutterstock

4. Surya Namaskar

Every child should be taught how to do Suryanamaskar and practice it regularly. This pose is simple yet extremely beneficial, as it involves almost all the muscles and joints of the body.
This yoga helps in bringing alignment and balance in the body as well as in the development of the child.

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