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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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World Blood Donor Day: How many times a person can donate blood?

World Blood Donation Day

Every year on June 14, ‘World Blood Donor Day’ is celebrated all over the world. Blood, blood or blood is such a thing, which cannot be made and there is no other option for its supply. Blood is made by itself in the human body.

Sometimes suddenly the amount of blood in a patient’s body becomes so low that he needs to take blood from another person. Therefore, blood donation day is celebrated on 14th June all over the world to supply blood or blood in such an emergency. Its main objective is to make people aware of blood donation, to save the lives of people in need of blood and to increase awareness of blood donation among people.

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross Federation and the Red Crescent Society started it in 2004 by celebrating Blood Donation Day for the first time annually on June 14. An average person has 10 units i.e. 5-6 liters of blood in his body. And only 1 unit of blood is taken in blood donation.

Let us now know how many times a person can donate blood.

Let us tell you that men can donate blood regularly every 3 months and women every 4 months. One aspect of this is that not everyone can donate blood. If you are healthy, you do not have any kind of disease or fever, then only you can cooperate in donating blood.

The most important reason behind this is that within 90 to 120 days, red blood cells die automatically in the human body and new cells are formed, that is why doctors advise us to donate blood every 3 months. .

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World Blood Donation Day

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